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White Room

White Room

White Room is a stylish, trendy nightclub that is well known to Stockholm bar hoppers. The champagne flows from the minute the doors open until five in the morning.

Age limit: 21

Go there early! The club fills up approaching two-three o' clock.

Comments (13)
jawid A 4/7/2014 12:23 AM

when you give the other information , it should be batter you should give some information about its price too

Ellen Stockholm 1/14/2014 2:18 PM
Visit Södermalm instead!

Tourists: You should go to Södermalm instead. More urban and relaxed and no Lords there! :-)

james Montreal 12/20/2011 2:22 AM
If you do not get in big deal

clubs of this level of popularity do not let anyone in. I have been to countries and cities and not gotten into clubs while i see majority of native people of there country getting in. But i was was not butt hurt about it. the line up is very good, the sound system is amazing, the vibe is great and the people in there the girls are great and its a fun place. White room is rather small and is always very crowded. it fills up fast and yes its crowded but there are plenty of places to sit. Only thing i dont like is the service could be better, the bouncers are not the nicest people but they are not supposed to be. They have to deal with butt hurt people all night who are mad they got rejected to get into. its there job and they have to turn away people who wont fit in. These places dont keep appeal by letting anyone in.

rks Stockholm 8/3/2011 4:37 PM
Overrated expensive club

I don't know what it is but I really didn't enjoy this club. It costs 180 SEK to get in and the drinks are expensive as hell. Everyone is dressed up to the max and people are drinking champagne on every other table. * Expensive cover charge * You might not get in if you're not dressed properly. * Lame music.

Lars Pettersson Stockholm 4/25/2011 3:29 PM
Separated my girlfriend from me !

A bouncer separated my girlfriend from me, so that his friend could hit on her.

alex moscow 2/4/2011 11:06 AM

@the lord . Its almost funny to read a comment about a @tacky russian shithole . have you been to moscow ? the nightclubs there are crazy and almost impossible to get in . you ll need a club card to guarantee you entry , and those cost at around 5000usd . plus you could still be reject by not following dress code . so after clubbing in stockholm where you can get in everywhere without hassle , i dont see why you re having problems getting inside . spent money on good clothes , why do you wear hand-me-downs . ? you have NK and biblioteksgatan . with prices you guys have on clothes plus the sale after christmas . get a club attire . designer jeans , shirt , jacket , shoes . and you wont have a problem . if you dont want to do that , go to Sodermalm and party with regular working class joes .
besides bouncers are dicks , but still just doing their jobs .
i recommend cafe opera on wednesdays .

Lyen Stockholm 12/29/2010 9:49 AM

i must laugh about this comments...so much talking about "only a place to be" you talking about un- trendy clothes hahahahaha...in Stockholm all the people look the same *lol* this is so much trendy...and allways kissing the phone everythere...wow peole you are so trendy...but have you all been in real good club?? only open to 5...hahahaha and in morning going out with the golden dressed dpur dog i don`t think so.. best regards from germany

Nuit Moscow 12/27/2010 4:55 PM
Haha, The "Lord"

before calling something a shithole, you better check what you're talking about. before, say, soho rooms bouncers in moscow, you little Ego might as well feel shitty - they look at your car, not only your shoes. tourists are tourists and if you see only them, you just go to wrong places

Lord George Stockholm 12/27/2010 2:31 AM

Oh please. This is absolute nonsense. I'm swedish, and I do frequent this club amongst others around Stureplan. And honestly, all the tourists I've seen have all been rejected by the bouncer because of tacky or otherwise un-trendy clothes. You can't dress in a green silk dress and hope to get in. And some guys actually dare to come to White Room in Converse-shoes! This is a hip night club, not some tacky Russian shithole.

Bernd Dubai 12/18/2010 11:31 AM
to Avoid

Ive been to a lot of places from Paris to Tokyo, Dubai to Miami, and Ive never seen something like that. They think they are so hype and deny access to everyone. One of our friend could not make it and had to spend the rest of the night outside. Bouncers puts the word rude to a whole new level, and the club manager's brain must have a connection problem. I also saw him yelling at one of the cleaner and insulting some black girls. When I was there, they asked the cleaner to mop the floor every 5min... So you are actually dancing next to him, and if you get on his way, you are sent out. This club is all bullshit, dont go, Stockholm has a lot better to offer

Giorgos Limassol 12/24/2009 1:28 PM

In fact, outside each Stockholm bar or club there is a gorilla standing, behaving as if he has a sort of power, if he had he wouldn't be standing like a fool over there but it's not his fault... They try to make it cozy but it's funny, Swedes getting drunk to drop their mask and vomit in the tunnelbana because they drunk all the "flowing champagne until 5 in the morning". It's in the culture not to be more than average.

Henrik Stockholm 11/25/2009 10:33 AM
Stockholm Night Clubs are discriminating people

To the commenter below, the Stockholm night clubs are "famous" for the behavior that you are describing. In a society that is fairly open otherwise, this is a really bad mess that is happening to a lot of immigrants every day around Stureplan. It is a very sad thing and a shame for the whole country.

Robin Ridley London, UK 11/6/2009 1:51 PM
Terrible Service from Scratch

We were in the city (3 females) and dressed in cocktail dresses and heels and ready to party when we went to this bar and were denied entry by the exeptionally rude and misogynistic boucners. We have partied everywhere from in Miami and Belize city to Moscow and Mumbai and have never been treated so unfairly and rudely. We were told it was member's only and pushed aside and then they let in all these people but never asked anyone if they were members. As the only non-white and only rejected people, I have a hard time not think it was racism. Anyway, if it is member's only, why is it advertised on here in English for foreign visitors when it is clear we are not welcome. In fact, you are only welcome if you are white, blonde and swedish (all 3 seem to be a pre-requisite in fact)

White Room
Jakobsbergsgatan 29 11144 Stockholm Sweden
Telephone number: +46(0)8-545 07 665

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