What is Visitstockholm.com?
Visitstockholm.com is Stockholm’s official internet visitor guide. It is owned by Stockholm Visitors Board AB, which markets Stockholm as a tourist destination under the shared brand Stockholm—the Capital of Scandinavia.

What are keywords?
Keywords are also known as labels or tags and are words that explain what text or pictures contain. The purpose of keywords is to make it easier for users to find content they are interested in.

The keywords found most often on the website are displayed in a keyword cloud. The larger the size of the keyword in the cloud, the more times it is found on the website. All keywords are links. By clicking the links, you can find content associated with the keywords.

How does rating work?
Users can rate some of the content at Visitstockholm.com. A five-point scale is used, with five crowns being the highest rating. For example, you could rate a museum by selecting the number of crowns that best represent your opinion of it. Visitstockholm.com does not have any control over the ratings.

How do comments work?
Users can comment on some of Visitstockholm.com’s content. Comments show users’ subjective opinions on specific content, such as a restaurant or attraction. Visitstockholm.com has the right to edit and delete comments considered offensive, racist, or sexist.


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