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The archipelago - from easy access to wilderness

The archipelago - from easy access to wilderness

Party or peace and quiet, sunbathing on a beach or hiking in the woods, camping or staying comfortably in a yachtsman’s hotel – the archipelago is truly multifaceted! You will find a little bit of everything here, from the easily accessible and the civilized to out-and-out wilderness adventure on the most remote of the islands. Find your ideal archipelago island!

Easily accessible:

These islands are easy destinations for day trips. Oriented towards tourism, this is where the main communities are, with their restaurants, lodging, and other conveniences.

Fjäderholmarna: Not far from the downtown City district, the boat trip from Stockholm takes 20 minutes on the Fjäderholm line. This is the archipelago in compressed format, featuring restaurants, great places to swim and sun, and souvenir shopping.

Sandhamn: Sandhamn is the favorite destination of the Stockholm elite. The popular marina, the Sandhamn Yacht Hotel, and seemingly endless parties are what bring people here in the summers. Sandhamn is some distance from Stockholm, but is quickly reached on the Cinderella boats.

Vaxholm: Idyllic archipelago town with well-preserved wooden villas from the turn of the 19th century. Site of the fascinating Vaxholm Fortress and an array of restaurants, charming cafés, and shopportunities. Accessible year-round via Waxholmbolaget boats and regularly scheduled SL buses.


Something in between

Things can sometimes get a bit crowded at the most popular destinations. For archipelago explorers who want to discover more without going totally wilderness, these islands offer welcoming hostels, inns, and a genuine archipelago atmosphere. All three are on regularly scheduled Waxholmsbolaget routes. For more information about boat trips, see www.waxholmsbolaget.se.

Svartsö: One of the biggest islands in the mid-archipelago. A country boutique and the Svartsö Krog restaurant are only a few of Svartsö’s treasures. There are several swimming lakes on the island. If you don’t want to explore on foot, bikes are available to rent.

Nåttarö: The island features a beautiful, expansive beach (Stora Sand) and the storied "Queen’s Grotto” (Drottninggrottan). A large complex of vacation cabins is open in the summer along with tent sites. Bikes and rowboats are available to rent.

Grinda: The fastest way to reach this beautiful archipelago island is via the Cinderella boats. The crossing takes just over an hour. The idyllic setting is a nature reserve and there are several gorgeous swimming beaches. Island accommodation includes hotels, cabins, hostels, and campsites and there is a range of activities available, such as canoeing and kayaking.



Pack up your tent, your food bag, and your hiking boots – these are the islands where you can be alone and experience untouched nature. Make sure you prepare carefully before setting out – there is no drinking water on some of the islands, for example.

Bullerö: Not an uninhabited island, but it is remote and the site of nature and bird reserves. Bullerö was a favorite summer haunt of Swedish painters like Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors. There is a hostel on the island, but facilities are otherwise limited. Regular crossings depart from Stavsnäs. The schedule is available online at www.battaxi.se

Svartlöga: An idyllic island where time seems to have stood still – there is no electricity, for example. The village, characterized by its old boathouses, is home to the smallest post office in the world and a chapel built in 1916. Pitch your tent on a flowering meadow or in the cleft of a rock! Waxholmsbolaget runs boats to the island in the summer.

Huvudskär: Huvudskär is a group of almost 200 islets and skerries in the outer reaches of the archipelago. There is a hostel, “Tullhuset,” on Ålandsskär, but the islands are otherwise undeveloped. Visitors are drawn by the special, barren landscape, the stillness, the sea birds, and the seals. Regular Waxholmsbolaget ferries in the summer, prebook (required) via www.otaxi.se.



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